Why Us

Why Us

The restaurant business is tough, you know that. Not only is it tough in the sense that you have other restaurants to compete with, staff issues, vendor problems and other typical business headaches. You have people coming to you each day promising to solve all of the above problems.

So How Is Bars Digital different?

We know not only the restaurant business but the digital marketing business as well. We have integrated our knowledge into an SaS service that utilizes proven methods to unobtrusively put your brand in front of customers and give them the conveniences they're looking for.

How Bars Digital Works

You can use some or all of our services. Choose from four packages and each has customizable add-ons. You make the choices that are right for you. Our full line of restaurant digital marketing services include:

  • Digital In-House Menu (Free)
  • Website Creation And Hosting By Bars Digital
  • Cross-Platform Menu Changes For Website, Facebook, And In-House Digital Menu Display
  • Kiosk Display For Specials, Happy Hour, Or Other Upcoming Events On Any Device Connected To The Internet
  • Online Ordering
  • Social Wi-Fi Hotspot That Supports Up To 30 Guests. Extra Capacity Can Be Added For An Additional Charge
  • Export Of Customer Data To Google Or Facebook Ads
  • SMS Marketing
  • Chat Bot
  • Easy Email Marketing Campaigns With Custom 'What's Hot' Landing Pages