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Bars Digital was founded to make digital marketing for restaurants easy and affordable. Our founders have extensive experience in both the restaurant and digital marketing businesses. That's how we understand the challenges specific to the restaurant business. We've seen what works and what doesn't.

We know that your patrons appreciate seeing messages from you in the right way, on the right social media, and with useful information. Make your restaurant a favorite in the hearts of your new and old customers. Bars Digital gives you the tools to keep your restaurant in the minds of the people in your community in a positive way.

Plenty of digital marketing companies take a one size fits all approach. They try to make the restaurant fit into their cookie-cutter system. An SMS or email campaign may broadcast your restaurant's message one day, and a bounce-house business the next. What's worse, they will do this to the same purchased marketing list. That inundates consumers with unwanted messages and muddies up your brand. Worst of all, it can bring on an annoyance factor with your brand.

Our approach is specific to your patrons. We don't mass broadcast messages to the same list. We don't mix your restaurant with another one. Everything is specific to your brand. We create a useful system for messages in ways your patrons want to see them. This makes for the highest possible return on your marketing investment.

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Digital marketing for restaurants is best accomplished through catering to the unique real-world needs of each and every restaurant. Bars Digital understands how restaurants work. A restaurant is not a retail store, a residential service or an event business. It's a very intimate kind of businesses. A person's favorite restaurant is as close to their heart as their favorite music. It's a place where customers bring business and romantic interests. How many lives have moved forward in one way or another inside your restaurant? Probably many.
You get the best in digital marketing tuned to the needs of your restaurant
Our services combine to focus on three goals

  • Use Of Real-Time Data To Drive Ads Aimed At New Patrons
  • Use Of Social Media To Unobtrusively Inform Patrons Of Special Offers Like Happy Hour
  • Use Of Cloud Technology To Seamlessly Integrate Menu And Ordering Across Platforms

Simply stated

Bars Digital mines data and utilizes automation to eliminate guesswork in advertising and repetitive work in updating your menu and other public information.
Take a look at our Packages for more information or go to our Contact page if you'd like to send us a question. Bars Digital is the SaS provider who understands how to make your restaurant look as classy in the digital world as you make your dining room look in the real world.

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